The Guidance Department of our centre is made up of four professionals. We have a teacher counsellor for the Secondary Education stage, as well as three teachers for the Curricular Diversification programmes  under the methodology of areas (Learning and Performance Improvement Programme and  4th ESO Reinforcement Programme), two of them tutoring these groups.


Attention to parents: Appointment via tutor teacher.



  • To contribute to the personalization of education, thanks to an individualized orientation that conceives the person as a whole, attending to an integral education.
  • To cooperate in aspects of school life from the position of the counsellor, promoting functional learning and in connection with the environment, advising all members of the educational community on issues that may affect these aspects.
  • To awaken in students the capacity to direct their learning, favouring the adoption of metacognitive, self-control and self-knowledge strategies.
  • To prevent and identify learning, integration and personal growth difficulties, acting on them, providing appropriate educational responses for students, through measures of attention to diversity, within the paradigm of inclusive education.
  • To accompany in the growth and acquisition of maturity, the development of one’s own identity and the acquisition of a solid system of values.
  • To guide students and their families in the process of making academic and/or professional decisions according to their possibilities, providing information on the different training or work itineraries.


There are three main areas of intervention that enable the functions of the Guidance Department to be carried out: support for the teaching-learning process, academic and professional guidance and tutorial action. We will also explain the main channels of advice to the educational community and the relationship with institutions.



We carry out the relevant processes of evaluation, diagnosis and assessment of students proposed by teachers, tutors and/or families. In the cases marked by the legislation, the pertinent psycho-pedagogical report is issued, as in the affiliations to our Learning and Performance Improvement Programme,

(PMAR 3), 4th ESO Reinforcement Programme (PR-4), the application of Compensatory Education measures and the elaboration of ACIS, among others. We extend this measure to the new students of the school and to the students who finish the educational stage.

We analyse the measures adopted previously, the levels of curricular competence and the personal and contextual characteristics, concluding with a curricular proposal of progress.

We also provide guidance on tasks and educational measures of a preventive and coordinating nature, providing teachers with the required methodological guidelines, criteria and evaluation procedures.

We coordinate the ordinary and extraordinary support measures carried out to favour the development of students with Special Education Needs or Educational Compensation Needs, both within the school and family environment, articulating their follow-up, offering constant advice to the teachers who give the reinforcement activities, the area teachers and the tutors, about the Measures of Attention to Diversity, issues of educational innovation and conflict management in the classroom.



We have an Academic and Professional Orientation Plan that involves all 4th year ESO students and their families in an important process of self-discovery and decision making through information and reflection. We offer an assessment of the aptitudes and preferences of the students and extensive information on the educational and work options of the environment, through psycho-technical tests, attendance at talks and all the means that our centre makes available to tutors in this process.

We also collaborate with the tutors each school year in the completion of the Guiding Council, attending to collegial proposals and providing advice and intervention when necessary.



Our centre has an important tutorial action based on the experience and involvement of a great team of tutors. The Guidance Department is in charge of drawing up the Tutorial Action Plan and coordinating it, providing the tutors with the resources they need to carry out their task in an excellent way. In addition, in this plan we also find  sessions on issues related to growth in virtues, study techniques, social integration, conflict resolution, etc.



We are at the service of the educational community to provide accompaniment in those questions of a socio-psycho-educational nature that have an impact on the personal and school environments of our students.

We offer closeness and listening, assisting all our students and constituting a constant presence in the school.

Always at the disposal of the families, we have a wide schedule of attention to listen, to advise and to accompany, assisting to the tutorial action and coordinating the joint working group of the different professionals involved. One of these measures is the school of Parents where we deal with topics of general interest related to adolescence, usually at the proposal of families.

The guidance Department plays an important consulting role within the centre, providing advice and technical support to tutors, teachers and management teams in matters such as the establishment of educational measures, curricular diversification, the implementation of protocols and socio-educational programmes and the assignment of students to different resources, among others. It also offers support to the Head of Studies and Discipline both in direct intervention with behaviour modification programmes and through technical consultations.



As a Diocesan School belonging to the San Vicente Mártir Diocesan School Foundation, we can offer our students all the benefits that the foundation brings us, attending the training and information sessions, especially on issues related to pedagogical innovation and policies of equity and educational inclusion.

On the other hand, and within our environment, we consider it fundamental to collaborate with the Psycho-pedagogical Office of the City Council of Moncada and the socio-educational Commission, as well as with the Municipal Absenteeism Commission, with the aim of integrating our action within the framework of a joint group that can help our students to fully achieve their objectives.

We also maintain close collaboration with universities and different teaching centres, within the process of Academic and Professional Orientation. In this way we can make all the necessary information available to our students in this important decision-making process about their future.