The Sant Jaume Apòstol semi-private school is an educational centre that was born in the Parish, in the 1960s, to provide a service of education with values, for our children and young people.

Our centre is born out of the effort of the community and guides its service to the community from which it was born.

We are a private centre, which allows us to have our own educative ethics, whose basic objective is the complete education of our pupils based on evangelical and constitutional principles.

Our educational project is based on education by and for freedom. Our ethics give us the character which distinguishes us.

We are also a semi-private school. All of our teaching and learning, completely or partially, is agreed with the Public Administration. Such a characteristic lets us define ourselves as a centre which is open to all social classes, and even to all thoughts, as long as our ethics are accepted and respected.

We cover practically all non-university education. We have classrooms for Pre-school (from three to six years old), Primary (from six to twelve years old), Secondary (twelve to sixteen years old), Sixth Form (from sixteen to eighteen years old), Vocational Training (from sixteen to eighteen years old) and Higher Vocational Training, all located in three different buildings.

  •         Pre-School and Primary at Calle Doctor Duran.
  •         Secondary and Sixth Form at Calle Madrid.
  •         Vocational Training at Calle de Ausias March.



It is not unusual for educational bodies to have their own emblem and their own motto. Ours is no exception.

From its origin, our Board of Education and Culture, which preceded the Semi-Private Centre “San Jaime Apóstol”, has had its own emblem and motto. In our case, our emblem and motto is an expression of our educational ethics.

A phoenix presides over the emblem, an allegory that invites us to think about the transformation that man undergoes through culture. From ashes into wisdom. The emblem is clearly divided into four parts.

On the top left corner, is Santiago´s Cross, Saint James´ Cross, Saint Patron of our Town, which names our Parish Church, and in which our school is physically and spiritually encased.

The ”cross” is a Christian symbol, which refers to our education in Christian values. Values that conform to our educational project.

The oil lamp, on the top right corner of the emblem, represents the individual effort to learn, to rise intellectually, to know the written works of the great masters of humanity, to cross from ignorance into wisdom and to strive to be a better person.

On the bottom left corner, you will find the Olympic emblem, which refers to the importance of sport and physical effort to the complete education of a person.

Finally, on the bottom right corner, the four bars, moved from King James I’s Coat of Arms into ours, references our belonging to the Valencian Region.

Our emblem is confined by our motto “the most divine task of all is the cultural education of the youth”.