Project learning is a multidisciplinary approach that stimulates cooperative work, building on the strengths of students and allowing them to explore their areas of interest within the framework of the curriculum.

The strategies of this method are similar to those of constructivism, a theory in which students learn by constructing new ideas or concepts, based on their previous knowledge. This evolution comes from the work of psychologists and educators such as Lev Vygotsky, Jerome Bruner, Jean Piaget, John Dewey and William H. Kilpatrick. In addition, already at the end of the 60s, education gave a strong impulse to actively engage in projects and learning experiences to “learn by doing”.

Using projects as part of the curriculum is not a new concept and teachers incorporate it frequently into their class plans, but Project Work is different, since it is a comprehensive educational strategy. In today’s society, it acquires more value, since teachers work with groups of children who have very different learning styles, either because of ethnic, cultural or skill levels and who are also learning English as a second language. Project-based learning facilitates the introduction of a variety of learning opportunities in the classroom. The fact that the students can choose the theme of the project motivates them since they can relate it to their own experiences.

This method is the one traditionally developed in Vocational Training and has always given excellent results with all students.

During the 2017/18 academic year, the Administration and Finance Department launched an Innovation Project awarded by the “Conselleria de Educació” called “Cooperation between professional families of vocational training cycles for a citizenship in solidarity“. This project consisted in Business Learning based on cooperation between the different professional families of the centre, thereby involving the entire educational community, students, teachers, families and companies.

In the present course, 2018/19 a Project-Based Learning has started in the Mechanical Manufacturing Department, with the 1st Design students, also involving all the teachers and subjects.

In this Project a hand winch will be designed, with its plans, 3D printing of some parts, manufacturing by chip removal, casting or welding the rest, assembly and presentation of the final product.

In the future, it is being studied to introduce the methodology in other departments and levels. In any case, the examination is never abandoned, with a minimum grade, because we believe that innovation and rigor are not at odds.