This programme aims to encourage the commitment and participation of young people, based on their experiences and concerns, in order to transform themselves and their environment. Sholas Citizenship is a program of the Scholas Occurrentes Foundation promoted by Pope Francis I  and in which participate any secondary schools   with students of 4th year  ESO.


Scholas Citizenship encourages youths to live values such as responsibility, diversity, good listening, dialogue, teamwork, with the intention of promoting the culture of encounter between students from different contexts; promoting participation and citizen commitment to the common good; encouraging social, cultural and religious pluralism involving young people in its social construction. This meeting aims to involve young people so that they will  actively participate in research and the presentation of proposals and solutions to the problems they have decided to deal with (this year, Social pressure). In order to do this, they first select the problems to be dealt with and then, during a week of immersion, they will work, deepen and investigate the issues. They will work as a team, elaborate hypotheses, see the state of the situation, elaborate a diagnosis and develop a proposal that will help to improve our society. The young participants will then present these proposals of improvement to  the district authorities.


Our students will discover that they are active subjects with their own voice and autonomous thinking that are capable of interacting, dialoguing and debating with other young people about their ideas and beliefs in order to transform their immediate surroundings and those of their neighbours. Playing, sport, art and technology accompanied by monitors will help them to do everything possible for the transformation they are looking for.



Videos showing students’ experiences:










On the occasion of the 4th Centenary of the publication of the second part of Don Quijote and the death of Cervantes, the teachers of the Languages Department celebrated this event with a great project with the collaboration of the rest of the departments and the entire educational community. Many activities were carried out and can be seen in the blog that summarizes this project.

  • BLOG CERVANTES: Interactive space where the entire educational community  shared and provided any material related to Cervantes (articles, films, student work, humorous cartoons …)


  • ACTIVITIES IN THE CLASSROOM: Projects carried out by the students that were exhibited or shown in the centre, such as the market with food and meals from Cervantes era led by the Science Departments. Students also developed activities related to science, medicine, astrology, religion, etc. in Cervantes’ time as well as the raps in Spanish:

  • 4th CENTENARY CERVANTES EXHIBITION: The exhibition was held at the School Theatre in April. It had a multidisciplinary character and consisted of contributions from any member of the school community interested in Cervantes (books, sculptures, models, images…).

  • SECOND-HAND BOOK FAIR: As every year we celebrated the Second-hand Book Fair, but also during the celebration we prepared different activities to commemorate the Day of the Book and honour Cervantes, as it was a very funny Photocall.



  • THEATRE PERFORMANCE:  4th year ESO students directed by Professor Ernest Alonso performed a play based on an entremés by Cervantes.

Take a look at  CERVANTES PROJECT BLOG and you will be able to play, read  and discover Cervantes and its time. In short, enjoy yourself as we did doing this project.