With the aim of energizing and enriching the academic life of the school, we take advantage of a week of the second quarter to carry out a series of activities that help develop the intellectual and social skills of our students.

On the one hand, we organize three important trips, important not only for their duration but also for the opportunity to get to know other cultures and customs: Camino de Santiago, Linguistic stay in England and trip to the snow

On the other hand, day trips are made, where places of interest of the Valencian Community are visited. In addition, recreational-educational workshops are offered where students learn skills that can be interesting for daily life and leisure time.

This year we will complete with more activities, worked and prepared for the APS project “El Barranc del Carraixet” which we will talk about later.

We hope that our students enjoy this great variety of activities and that all the effort involved will serve for their academic and personal training.

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